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Last Easter weekend, Mallory, Teresa and I were in Eutin, Germany. Eutin, which is one of Lawrence’s sister cities, is a beautiful little town between Hamburg and Kiel. Our hosts were the Klüvers. Back in 2002, Mallory had been part of the Lawrence Sister City Program and lived the better part of the summer with the Klüvers. Mallory had been partnered with Linda Klüver. That fall, Linda came to live with us for about six weeks. She later returned in the summer of 2005. She was the only person who was interested in walking downtown on scorching summer Tuesday evenings to partake in La Prima Tazza’s BOGO special. Every Tuesday that summer, like clockwork, Linda and I walked downtown for an iced coffee. We had stayed in touch with the Klüvers, sharing emails and the occasional package from Germany–pfeffernüssen at Christmas is always a personal favorite. Linda is a Facebook friend. Mallory had always talked about taking us to Eutin to meet the rest of Klüvers (Uwe, Silke and her twin brother Felix).

So, last April, we made the trip and got to spend two amazing weeks in Eutin being hosted by the Klüvers. We were in Eutin for Easter. These are just some of the things I saw. I really want to get back. And I want the Klüvers to come visit us. We certainly owe them a debt of gratitude. First, for taking care of Mallory when she was in Germany, and for their wonderful hospitality last year.