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About 12 years ago, I got a call from an art director at Dance Magazine. They had a Kansas assignment and wanted to know if I could shoot dance. I said I really hadn’t shot dance before, but I had been shooting sports professionally for many years. I told him I thought I could handle the assignment. I sent him a portfolio of sports images. He called back to let me know that he didn’t see anything in my portfolio that would indicate that I could shoot dance and they would find someone else for the assignment. A few years later, the late Janet Hamburg hired me to shoot the University Dance Company’s dress rehearsals before the fall and spring dance concerts. I was looking through old files today and found some of examples of my inability to photograph dance. Had he hired me, I would have blown it, for sure.










Lawrence, Kansas. January 24, 2013.
I was shooting some head shots for a local gymnastics school recently and several of the gymnasts wanted to be photographed in flight. The background was horrible for anything more than head shots, so I added the sky in post production and altered the color to make it look a little more hand painted. The lighting was simple: two Profoto heads bounced into Hensel umbrellas on either side of the gymnasts. This is what happens on a slow day.