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One of the only things I like about business being slow is that it allows me to spend time with Henry. We had BBQ with him on Super Bowl Sunday. Later in the week, Aimee was a little under the weather, so she went to the babysitting bullpen and called me up to the show. He makes me smile and makes things more bearable. And he’s even beginning to use real words. When Aimee came into the room on Wednesday, he turned and said, “Hi, Mama!” Or at least it sounded identical to that. And the bonus: he’s coming over tomorrow for another sleepover. I’ve got to go so that I can get the pony and chocolate fountain booked. Oh, and pick up a big box of Duplos. Henry loves his Duplos.

Teresa and I had free tickets to attend the Christmas Spectacular when we were in NYC for our anniversary way back in 1982. We never made it to the show (I didn’t want to go) and she was disappointed. She would occasionally mention this in the intervening 30 years. When we were there this week, I made sure she made it to the Christmas spectacular. An interesting scene and wonderful building.

Henry, dressed as a dragon, came to Lawrence yesterday afternoon to experience his first Halloween. Since he’s a little young to eat candy, it was really just to show off his cool costume and take in the scene in downtown Lawrence. He got plenty of comments on his costume and his cuteness. It appeared that he wasn’t quite sure what to make of all of it. After a walk up Mass. Street to look at all the costumes, he stopped in a toy shop to try on glasses and then retired to an Asian restaurant to eat rice and drink liquid apple sauce. He appeared to have enjoyed himself. Next year he’ll be walking and eating candy, so that’ll be a different kind of fun. There’s never a dull moment with this guy.