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sometimes i get emails from creative agencies. agencies offering career mentoring. they want you to pay them to review your work. whatever. often times the “experts” and “taste-makers” are twentysomethings who have been anointed as experts by themselves and their other hipsters friends. they often post photos from “emerging” photographers whose work they think is swell. some of it’s good, but a lot of it is, well, decidedly ungood. When I see that work, it just makes me want to raise my middle finger to the photographic tastemakers, who can kickstart a career or choose to ignore work they don’t feel is hip enough. it typically makes me want to create something. to prove that i have a pretty unique way of seeing and i can execute that vision. i got one of those emails, so i spent about three minutes shooting this. i like it, so who really gives a rat’s ass what some hipster thinks? That’s a rhetorical question, by the way. and it’s not shot with a freaking iPhone with a trendy app that makes poorly composed, poorly lit, out-of-focus images appear to be edgy art. these were made with an honest-to-God camera with a lens i had to turn the focus ring on. imagine that.