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Well, February is here and the sky is usually grey here in Kansas. I need to sit in front of a SAD lamp and I need more business. The business thing is my fault. I hate to market and I suck at it. And I wasn’t very diligent about it last year. I just hate rejection. I’m fairly modest, so that makes it difficult for me to market. Apparently, modesty is not a good trait to have in this business.

After a decent 2011, 2012 is off to a very slow start. I’m not sure which direction to take the business. I’m not sure who I should be marketing to either. I feel like I’m on top of my game visually, however, I don’t think anyone, outside a few folks in the Midwest, know I exist. I need to remedy that. With that in mind, I’ve begun a re-branding and I’ve actually quit being a cheapskate and I am bringing in some marketing and re-branding expertise to get things rolling again. I love my current clients, however, I need more of them or I may end up being a greeter at Wal Mart. Keep on eye on in the coming weeks and months to see the changes.